Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carribean Topaz(part2)

Typically, the yellow topaz is the birthstone for the month of November. But, it could be said that any topaz qualifies as the birthstone. For the girl who likes to be different, a Caribbean topaz bracelet makes for a unique and stunning birthday present. But, this vibrantly colored gemstone makes a great gift for any occasion. Instead of a plain diamond necklace for an anniversary, give a Caribbean topaz and diamond pendant. The sparkling glamour of the piece will knock her socks off!

Significant meanings
Like all gemstones, Caribbean topaz jewelry holds its own mystical properties and meanings. Some of the magical properties associated with the topaz is the power of invisibility and instills courage in the wearer. Some believe it serves as a life guide, helping the wearer chart the course of his life. Medically speaking, it was believed to improve eyesight and aid in alleviating upper respiratory problems like asthma. To use as a medicine, the stone would be ground up and served in wine. Another property of the Caribbean topaz is that it is supposed to expose poison, saving the wearer from ingesting it.

How to clean Caribbean topaz
Caribbean topaz is made of fluorine aluminum silicate which ranks an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means that it is a very durable gemstone, at least the top is. Normally, a topaz could be cleaned just like a diamond, ruby or sapphire, but because of the titanium coating, more care must be taken when cleaning it. The layer could be damaged if harsh chemicals are used or if the coating gets scratched. Scratches will totally through off the refractive light properties that the Caribbean topaz is known for. So, use a very mild soap and warm water to clean them. If necessary, GENTLY brush the gem with a soft brush to remove other debris.

Natural topaz is relatively strong so, daily wear of a Caribbean topaz and diamond bracelet is fine. But, because they are durable, that doesn't mean they can't be chipped. Even diamonds can be broken if hit hard enough.

Along with other designer gemstone pieces, Caribbean topaz jewelry is finding a huge following among jewelry lovers. Though most people think of a yellow or blue stone when they think of topaz, this multi-colored designer gem is becoming a favorite among collectors. Because of the colorful variety, a Caribbean topaz necklace or any other piece looks lovely set in gold or silver. Each metal brings out different aspects of the gem: silver highlights the cooler colors while gold accents the warmer shades. Pristine colors in blues, greens and violets make for a very unique gemstone that truly impresses everyone that see it.
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